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1976 : Ing. Luciano Giol starts studying solar energy, monitors solar passive houses and greenhouses
1978 : monitors active solar houses
1980 : founds a solar energy association, raises funds and promotes solar houses
1981 : purchases a solar water heater for own family home
1985 : raises funds, designs and builds a 20 apartments’ solar building in Blanquefort near Bordeaux, with solar space heating and solar domestic hot water production; best measured solar yield in the field (France) (pdf)
1986: tests and patents an innovative solar water heater
1991 : in Los Angeles, starts studying sunracers and Evs
1992 : starts designing a sunracer
1993 : from Australia, reports the 3rd World Solar Challenge; from the U.S.A., reports the US academic Sunrayce
1994 : raises funds to enter the World Solar Challenge
1995 : builds the sunracer Heliotrope
1996 : enters the 4th World Solar Challenge with sunracer Heliotrope
2006 : starts building the sunracer Formula SolarE for circuit races
2009 : wins the French Solar Event’s Solar Challenge with sunracer Formula SolarE
2014 : starts building the Formula Giol EV
2016 : Formula Giol EV's Concept is displayed at Paris Auto Show